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Dec 3, 2011 4:05pm EST
for america, since we are in a catastrophe at this point. we don't have another year to wait, as you said. if you could get your words and those of your colleagues out to the american people who are angry, upset, very concerned, and that's wonderful and measured as you are, we feel like we are in serious trouble and we need to get the word out to the masses. thank you. could you get out to us, please -- the fiscal contract for america. >> i took the lead on putting together a jobs plan, and the first element of it was fiscal issues. we cannot get the economy moving until there is more certainty as to what is happening on the fiscal side. my only again and to what you -- my only addendum to what you are saying is, i think it ought to be about both, the fiscal issues and how to get the economy moving. i talked a lot about tax reform today because that is something i am now going to be trying to promote. include regulatory relief, lower health-care costs, and there are some sensible proposals to put the consumer more in charge. it has to include more energy development, exploration,
Dec 17, 2011 2:01am PST
our park lands to be protected. we have supported the america's cup since the beginning, and we continue to do so. we wanted to be as clean and sustainable as possible and for the city to be able to enjoy the your own while it is going on. -- to enjoy their own city while it is going on. thank you very much. >> i represent the south beach yacht club. we support the certification of the environmental impact report and an immediate vote this weekend. we have concerns about traffic, increased cost, difficulty parking, and those sorts of things. we believe the amount of review and the comments and responses have been well done. our members and neighbors have followed along closely, and we are satisfied with how that process has taken place. we believe it is appropriate to service via -- to certify the report tonight and focus on details of implementation, and that is where we are at now, and we are happy to assist with that. a key consideration is water access and how to increase the for the city. not for us it means a events that we do for us it means the events that are not racist
Dec 24, 2011 1:31am PST
international mrn organization based in west marine. Ã comments for the america's cup and cruise terminal. first i would like to say that the feir contains strong environmental protection for the base, area, water, community and habitat. the imply mentation and enforcement of these protections will be critical ensuring that the america's cup in associated development will be as environmentally responsible. we would like to recognize the city, the mayor's office and the america's cup event authority for working to address the concerns of the environmental community, in particular, my organization appreciates the short-term and long-term air quality measures that are being implemented to reduce marine vessel and other air emissions and to off-set the shutdown of short side power for crew ships at pier 27. the requirements for cleaner engines and a new pier 70 dry dock electrification will be great. at the same time due to the fast tracking offer the america's cup eir, some of the documents, key documents like the mmrp and the se qua findings were released recently. it has made it difficult for oth
Dec 10, 2011 10:00am PST
to the america's cup. we have not talked about other kinds of nightlife and the importance of having a good night light -- nightlife scene who are here for the america's cup and in terms of them enjoying themselves, when they are here, and leaving with a favorable impression. hopefully they come back. nightlife in the city is under tremendous pressure and has been. if you look at some things that are coming down the pike like putting a ton of housing on 11th street which could dramatically reduce nightlife there and other parts of south of market where proposed changes could undermine nightlife. it is a constant struggle. it is critical in the next two years that we have nightlife, a great nightlife remaining for america's cup and we will continue to have that into the future. could you after my editorial is incumbent on the relationship between good night life and the america's cup? >> absolutely. i see it turning into the things in terms of the arts and entertainment side but also the business side. we want this to see the benefit. in a lot of ways it becomes to be this great visit
Dec 12, 2011 7:00am PST
those changes. what i would say from talking to the america's cup organizing committee and the folks working on the sponsorship and fundraising side, there are optimistic about reaching their goals. part of the challenge has been putting together a picture of what is people are buying into as sponsors or giving money as philanthropic donations. i think we are helping out forward in terms of moving forward. here is what the project looks like. i think as you know, coming back to the board, there is an initial target of $12 million of philanthropic fund raising that the acoc is charged a phrasing. there will demonstrate that $12 million to say we will continue to raise funds. i do not want to conflate the corporate sponsorship peace with the philanthropic peace. that is part of the cooperation between the organizing committee and the event authority. making sure they are not stepping on each other's toes. we want to make sure that -- local funders who could give to the philanthropic pace, that comes to the organizing committee side. we are confident in the ability to meet their g
Dec 29, 2011 11:00pm PST
se presentó oakland s. >> se van con mal gusto el américa, morelia también quería ver una mejor oferta. >> más de diez mil aficionados llegaron al estadio de oakland . >> fue u ligero dmiio. >> (gritos) . >> el fantasma que ataco a los aguilas del américa volvió a aparecer en oakland . >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (gritos) . >> (♪ ♪ ). >> la falta de pre temporada y el cansancio de monarcas se noto . >> el enfermo do señakes. ,>> es parte de la preparacion. >> hicimos entrenamiento con tomas de espacio. >> esto nos ayuda para el comercio. >> que esta cerca. >> después de un largo tiempo lesiónado. >> algunos pedian que si iban a tener a montenegro. >> buenas noches . >> siempre se gana el pesame a los perdedores. >> se sumo a otras ciudades del área de la bahía que celebrar tirando. >> pidieron que llame a la policía si descubre a alguien haciendo disparos. >> ♪(música). >> esta libre tras pagar una fianza de quince mil dólares . >> el sospechoso se llama raymond y tiene 40 años. >> el crimen que lo incrimina fue en 1999 . >> el cuerpo fue en
Dec 15, 2011 6:30pm PST
redevelopment that included apartment buildings, shops, and the america's cup team. in really alter the city, and i think it has the opportunity to do the same kind of alteration to the waterfront common -- waterfront, and they made sure the area had plenty of public access, but they could have the same access they have started with. it was much greater because they had taken on used warehouses and made it part of the public domain. i also want to talk about what it will do for the media community. i am a videographer. i make my living shooting sailboat races, and if you have seen any of it, you have seen them go head over heels. for me, this is a big opportunity, and i urge you to certify the eir so we can move forward with this. thank you very much. >> i am norman peers. i am a founding member of the yacht club. it is called fog city yacht club. this idea was spurred by the america's cup because there is a need for everybody in the city to participate. i have been fortunate enough to attend several america's cups in the past. i have the opportunity to be in portugal and also in san diego.
Dec 26, 2011 6:00pm EST
yosemite. there was a desire to fully invest my physical self and my spiritual self in america because that's a part of america that i didn't know, and i wanted to become familiar with it. coyote: in 1984, shelton johnson became the first generation of his family to visit a national park when he stepped off a bus at the entrance to yellowstone and immediately fell in love with everything it offered. johnson soon started a career in the park service and by the 1990s he was working in yosemite as an interpretive ranger, proudly telling visitors the little-known story of the african american buffalo soldiers, the park's earliest protectors. in the last decades of the 20th century, the focus of the park service shifted. more and more historic sites were saved, including reminders of painful episodes in american history, set aside on the belief that a great nation could openly acknowledge them. from kingsley planta florida, preserving not only the owner's grand home but also the cluster of small cabins used by the slaves who made his comfortable ble su co life possible. the central
Dec 25, 2011 11:00am EST
a la copa amÉrica. >> el grupo es muy fuerte, es muy capaz, se tiene en la confianza para decir las cosas frontalmente. >> carlos garcÍa en la preparaciÓn fÍsica, ademÁs el grupo que estÁ detrás tambiÉn en la sub20, tambiÉn en su momento hemos pedido opiniÓn para hacer las cosas mÁs claras. >> los elegiste por los chistes que cuenta? >> profe por favor. >> lo dice por experiencia? >> por quÉ no me llamaste a mÍ? >> tÚ vas a estar ahÍ? ¿hay alguna relaciÓn? ¿el toma las sesiones? >> el proyecto estaba asÍ desde un inicio, desde que tomen la responsabilidad estaba asÍ, el director tÉcnico también por las competiciones es empalmaban el director tÉcnico selecciÓn nacional que se iba a ser cargo de la selecciÓn sub 22 para enfrentar la copa amÉrica, tomamos la decisiÓn apoyÁndonos cada uno de nosotros. en eso vamos viendo cÓmo se van desenvolviendo todos para buscar cubrir. es una lista preliminar que en su momento se darÁ la lista final que participarÁ en copa oro y posterior se darÁ la sub 21. >> el tÉcnico es el flaco tena? >> sÍ. nosotros hacemos auxi
Dec 17, 2011 1:31am PST
america's cup eir, some of the documents, key documents like the mmrp and the se qua findings were released recently. it has made it difficult for others to review it completely. and what i would like to do is urge the planning department, the city port and the america's cup and other authorities to continue to work with the environmental community and neighborhood groups to resolve any remaining issues and to work closely with us to make sure that these environmental protections are monitored and enforced. the mitigations even with some of the very good mitigation measures in the e.i.r., it will not prevent significant and avoidable and environmental impacts from occurring. so we plan to continue to engage in the public process as it moves forward to make sure that the project is implemented in a timely fashion and the other environmental documents being developed are finalized so that we can have an america's cup that is as clean and green as possible. thank you. >> thank you. john arnt. linda schaefer, mike savage. >> good evening. i'm john sindary, from the san francisco bomb pilot. >>
Dec 29, 2011 4:01pm PST
that is trying to expand into different parts of the city, and we view the america's cup as a way of doing that. i have a unique perspective. i appreciate what it does to the waterfront. essentially, we understand the america's cup is not just something that is an event. we are looking at the back side of the america's cup, what it represents for the city of san francisco, and in a way it is all launch pad to make it more attractive for future events. we have a specific plan that would add 150 jobs. i hear about big corporations doing that, but this is a reality, and i have been in front of various commissions, but the plan is in place. we have a timeline to do that. if it gets done sooner rather than later, we are able to implement that. we can help solve the problems transitional transit options are not able to address. we can do that in a sustainable way. we can create jobs and create something the city can use as a positive marks for the rest of the country. i think most of the work is already done with the e.i. are, -- the eir, and we look forward to seeing this done, because we
Dec 29, 2011 11:01pm PST
us to judge the true impact of state actions to address these issues. we support america's cup and feel a responsibility to make for the park land is protected. this is a full commitment by the city to cover these costs. while ensuring node diversity -- no adverse impact on park lands at that time. we continue to work with the city. we look to the planning commission to address our concerns, formalizing a commitment for the approval process of this document. we share the objectives of insuring a quality experience for all. we seek to partner with the city and other educational institutions to engage and excites usyouth and your experience the wind and weather. we believe this would broaden the public purpose with the healthy people initiatives. >> if you heard your name called, please come of to the microphone. >> my name is andrew waters, and i am a partner with white taxis in san francisco. many people associate it as something that sticks in the embarcadero and a tourist trap. we represent a model that is trying to expand into different parts of the city, and we view the america
Dec 6, 2011 12:30am PST
ensure that the 30 foot america's cup is a vibrant, world class entertainment event. i have given you a list to show you an idea of what can be done with more support. you'll be hearing more about these today. it does not matter whether you consider this to be a port project or the mayor's office or whether it is exempt from the public arts ordinance. the facts are still the same. you have a sporting event redesigned for a large viewing public. there is a series of short races in the daytime with a lot of crowding in one part. the city is contributing a valuable land and resources to make that happen. the economic benefits to us depends on keeping people here logger coming into the evening, and bringing visitors into the neighborhoods. that is how we will survive and how we get the economic benefit. we need to create, not just promote to make that happen. we need something new. we have not heard anything new. it is no accident that the olympics and the world cup, they have arts festival's connected to them. they add value and deliver economic benefits. we do not have that strategy our
Dec 22, 2011 3:31pm PST
francisco bomb pilot. >> we recommend them to move forward on the america's cup and the new cruise terminal. the cruise terminal is very important especially to the mary time commune -- maritime community. passengers will stimulate the local economy and increase the tax revenues and benefits for this city. the san francisco bob pilots support the america's cup and the new terminal. and the plan show a very attractive improvement for the waterfront. thank you. >> good evening, commissioners and staff. my name is diane bailey, i'm a senior scientist at the natch are resources defense council. i'm here to express our appreciation for the efforts of the city and the port of san francisco to address and mitigate many of the issues related to the 34th america's cup in the final e.i.r. the america's cup event is large and complicated with numerous potential and community impacts. we know that some concerns remain outstanding and we strong support the city to mitigate these items. that will ensure that all environmental programs and mitigations are successfully ane steps san francisco has
Dec 16, 2011 12:00pm PST
related actions to implement the 34th america's cup project of, involving use of peers and adjacent water areas, water basins between peers 32 and 38, 14 and 22.5, all located along the embarcadero waterfront, seawall lot 330, and a portion of peer 80, located along the north side of islais creek, east of illinois street. >> good afternoon, commissioners. special projects manager here representing the very large port and city team who has been working on this project for the last year. we are very grateful to be here today after a lot of long nights. it really has been an amazing experience. including last night's experience at the planning commission for the certification of the eir. the work that planning staff did on that environmental impact report was truly incredible. we are here today to present to you ceqa findings and a mitigation monitoring and reporting program related to the america's cup project, as well as the proposed disposition and development agreement related to the project. we will have a number of speakers who will be addressing you today, and a power point pres
Dec 31, 2011 6:00am EST
devalued, uprooted america more deeply than men do. so i would simply ask folks, if i could put it in a very simple way, i would ask you to think about how much you love your children and how much you love your country and try to help people like me figure out how do we get the news media and the candidates to understand that they really should participate in the election worthy of our children and worthy of our country, because we are in real trouble and we can't stand politics as usual. [applause] >> we really appreciate you joining us here in front of all of these moms and we're going to be talking to more candidates in the coming weeks. you can keep tabs on what we're doing at mom thank you, speaker. >> thank you. [applause] >> these are your grandchildren and if you all want to come up and grab a photograph or shake hands, here is your shot to do it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> may i get a quick picture? ok. did it work? thank you so much. thank you. >> we're hoping and pray
Dec 11, 2011 6:30am PST
. thank you. >> item 9c, informational presentation regarding project approvals for the 34th america's cup. >> brad benson, special projects manager, here representing a very broad team working on the america's cup effort. jonathan is my co-project manager. dan has been leading with the planning department staff the ceqa efforts. kelly is the environmental project manager for the america's cup, looking at issues both on for property and off. our cfo has been helping the project team understand the financial implications of the america's cup. we are joined tonight by several representatives of the event authority. the second half of tonight's presentation will be given by david, vice-president for the consultant team that has helped the event authority design the proposed uses of various port sites, and of property, we have john stringer, who has been working with a broader team on looking at the construction activities that will be needed to prepare [inaudible] we look forward to negotiating some of the longer-term development opportunities that will arise out of the america's cup. we
Dec 29, 2011 3:31pm PST
environmental impact report for the 34th america's cup. on that, i would just remind the public that i have a number of speaker cards that -- you should turn off your pagers, any electronic devices that may sound off during these proceed igs. i'm going to ask a couple of things that i'm sure staff is going to repeat this that you speak clearly, slow enough so the court reporter can pick you up. and if there's anyone in here who wants to fill out a card, fill it out. don't try to get my attention. put it on the railing, i'll pick it up. also don't interrupt the court reporter and give the card to the court reporter. also this is a crowded room. we have overflowing room 408. if you really feel the need to enghage a secondary discussion with your friend, we ask that you take that discussion outside. it becomes very3 the process. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> commissioner antonini >> present. >> commissioner olague? >> here. >> commissioner miguel? here >> commissioner borden? >> here. >> i have speaker cards. >> jim chappelle. -- chapel. terry shore. followed by john sindray. >> good
Dec 29, 2011 2:01am PST
talked a lot last november, through the board process about economic benefits of the america's cup to the port and the city. we believe the 34th america's cup will bring to the port of san francisco and the san francisco bay a world-class venue for sailing well beyond the event. i mentioned a little about public access on the waterfront. we will be accelerating major public benefits, not just in the area of the piers, but as far down as pier 80 and beyond the port property. major port infrastructure upgrades, we have not contemplated a plan in either the capital plan or the waterfront land-use plan for fixing pier 30-32. we're getting the benefit of those upgrades. the tenants, we are very mindful of any impact on the tenants that would be displaced in the process. you should be proud of the real- estate division's efforts to do outreach to all of the tenants trying to make a concession easy for them, but there are many will see major benefits as a result of having the america's cup, both retail and maritime. we talked a lot about environmental stewardship. that has been a major theme
Dec 5, 2011 1:30am EST
♪ >> cuÁl es la relaciÓn de amÉrica latina con los estados unidos? hablamos de la operaciÓn rÁpido y furioso y de la imagen de estados unidos en amÉrica latina. tambiÉn estÁ con nosotros el abogado que presentÓ una demanda en la corte internacional de la haya en contra del presidente de mÉxico felipe calderÓn por crÍmenes en contra de la humanidad. por quÉ lo critican tanto? Él ha representado a israel en cinco paÍses latinoamericanos pero hoy nos habla sobre la amenaza nuclear de irÁn en contra de israel y sobre la presencia de agentes iranias en paÍses como venezuela, ¿quÉ hacen ahÍ? la contienda de los republicanos por la casa blanca. hoy va al punto el actor puertorriqueÑo efraÍn morales. nos habla de sus Últimos proyectos, lo veremos porque se considera como un activista y nos da su su opiniÓn sobre el movimiento ocupa los angeles. ♪ >> vamos al punto con jorge ramos. ♪ >> se retirÓ de la contienda por la presidencia tras el escÁndalo por una supuesta relaciÓn es la matrimonial y acusaciones de acoso sexual, esto es lo Último. >> gracias jorge, ciert
Dec 26, 2011 6:15pm EST
germany. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america them to the republic for which it stands will planation undergone with the -- indivisible and with liberty and justice for all. they keep. please be seated. before we get started that would like to recognize the special guests of we have with us this evening. i will start with the ventura county clerk. there you are. michael brewer, the son of governor brewer. michael. and, of course, our library director. >> okay. i would like to take you all back in time to just under three years ago in january of 2009 and play a little game with you. i want you to imagine waking up in the morning of january 21st that year to learn that you were about to become the governor of one of our 50 states. now, we are going to blindfold you and ask that you throw a big guard at the map of the united states. interstate it lands on, that's yours. you get to run it. now, some people here are probably a envisioning that the docklands on california. we would finally have someone in charge with enough common-sense. [applause] [applause]
Dec 11, 2011 12:45am EST
that? where is that sense of -- talk about patriotism, right? not just for america but for the world. we don't have a discussion with arizona republican governor jan brewer. she discusses her tenure in office and presents her thoughts on illegal immigration. >> my name is john high bush and for those i've not medcom i think there are a couple of people here will fall in that category i and executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation and it is my pleasure to welcome all of you here this evening. in honor of our men and women in uniform who defend our freedom around the world i would like you to please stand and join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. please be seated. before we get started i would like to recognize some special guests we have with us this evening and i will start with the ventura county clerk, mark. mark, there you are. [applause] michael brewer, the son of governor br
Dec 4, 2011 6:00am EST
waiting now for judgement day. i am america one voice, united we stand i am america one hope to heal our land there is work that must be done i will not rest until we have won i am america is there no end to your own hypocrisy? you have no shame you are only interested in political gain you hide your eyes and refuse to listen you play your games you stuff your pockets i have a feeling that the tide is turning i am america one voice, united we stand ♪ >> thank you, thank you. >> ♪ one hope to heal our land i will not give up on this fight i will not fade into the night. i am america ♪ >> thank you, my friend. [cheers and applause] >> you all are great. thank you, thank you, thank you. i love ya'll, too. >>> [chanting] >> let me first say that as usual, the cain supporters are not warm-weather supporters. i cannot thank all of you enough for all you have done, how far we have come, the things we have done. the things that we have been able to achieve. you know, i chose to run for president because the politicians in washington would not do their jobs. that is why i chose to run. they
Dec 15, 2011 6:00pm PST
many people see the bay as an obstacle rather than a great place to go play. the winning america's cup team is from san francisco, and not having the cup here would be like having the world series for the giants in another city. we think san francisco is home to america's cup and that is where it should be held. improved access will benefit the city for generations to come. we know it has been crumbling. we want to mitigate environmental impacts but be able to maximize economic benefits. america's cup will be exciting and economically rewarding, and though it is a temporary disruption common and it will be short-lived, but the benefits to the economy and the people will be long lives, so i urge you to vote tonight. it will bring great economic and lifestyle benefits to the city of the bay area. i think in all of these discussions the fund gets lost, but i think it will be great fun for all of the residents as well. thank you very much. i urge you to pass it tonight. >> good evening, commissioners. i know you have had a long day already, so i will try to be brief. my name is linda shaff
Dec 12, 2011 5:30pm EST
>> this is "bbc world news" america. funding for this presentation is made possible by the the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news" america. >> this is "bbc world news" america. honoring the fallen. the fighting in iraq is over. the troops are coming home. and president obama and prime minister maliki stand side by side. >> a war is ending. a new day is upon us. and let us never forget those who gave us this chance. >> syria holds local lexis -- elections, but in a country racked by violence, many are choosing to boycott instead. >> taking scotland by storm. after arriving from china, it was time for the panda pair of sweetie and sunshine to meet the press. >> welcome to our viewers on p.b.s. in america and around the globe. the troops are coming home, but america is not abandoning the middle east. that was president obama's message today as he stood beside prime minister maliki to
Dec 20, 2011 12:00pm PST
is not a notion that is an american notion. america has always welcomed and heralded success. did thomas edison make too much? did henry ford make too much? did steve jobs make too much? does bill gates make too much? no, these people who did not make the nation poorer by them ving done well. they made the nation richer. they made the middle-class better off. the course... if your course in life is to say "how do i keep those top people are from doing so well?" you'll find a nation that's poor. the right course is to say "how can i get more people to do well? how can i encourage more risk takers?" that's the answer. >> rose: we end th appreciation of vaclav havel, former president of check reap, dissident playwright who died yesterday at his vacation home in the north of the czech republic. >> ( translated ): the world of today is a multipolar and multicultural world. and it's necessary to respect different identities. to have understanding and be tolerant. but at the same time, one should know precisely the specifics and (inaudible) and it seems to me that the united states canno
Dec 17, 2011 4:15pm EST
charges i would have been executed. only in america do you get the chance to tell your story and know that justice prevailed in the end and know that the truth always comes out. >> this is booktv on c-span2. we have been talking with nada prouty, former cia agent and author of this book, published by carl craig mcmillan, "uncompromised," the rise, fall of that american-arab patriot in the cia. >> it discussion now with arizona republican governor jan brewer. she discusses her tenure in office and presents her lots on illegal immigration. >> my name is john hi bush, and i think there are couple of people here who fall in that category. and executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation. it is my pleasure to welcome all of you here this evening. in honor of our men and women in uniform who defend our freedom around the world i would like to ask you to please stand and join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and just
Dec 5, 2011 1:30am PST
;77vçicwyy0##n ♪♪♪ ñ=uuÑpçokskrooedt!xies-7Ñww6akepÑá >> cuÁl es la relaciÓn de amÉrica latina con los estados unidos? hablamos z@ mq de la operaciÓn rÁpido y furioso y de la imagen de estados unidos en amÉrica tina. tambiÉn tÁ con nosotros fg/ elgado presenÓ una demanda en la corte internacional de la haya en cora del presidentde mÉxico felipe calderÓn por crÍnes en contrae la humanidad. mq por quÉ lo critican tanto? fg/ Él ha representado a israel en ! cinco paÍses latinoamericanos pero hoy nohabla sobre z@ mqla amenaza nuclear irÁn en ntra de israel yobre la presencia de agentes z@ mqiranias en paÍses como venezuela, ¿quÉ hacen ahÍ? la contienda de los republanos por casa blanca. hoy va z@ mqal punto el actor puertorriqueÑo efraÍn morales. s habla de sus Últimos prectos, lo veremos rque se considera como un fg/ activista y nos da su su oniÓn sobre el movimiento ocupa los angeles. ♪♪♪ >> vamos al punto con jorge ramos. ♪♪♪ >> se retirÓ de la contienda por la presidencia tras el escÁndalo r unsuta relaciÓn es la matrimonial y acusaciones de fg/
Dec 14, 2011 5:30pm EST
>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." after nine long and violent years, they are finally back. president obama travels to meet the troops and marked the end of the war in iraq. >> i am proud to say these two words. i know your families agree. welcome home. >> a day after five people were killed, we asked just who was the attacker? and the plans for queen elizabeth, the british royal family will be racking up the miles to mark her 60 years on the throne. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. it is harder to end the war then to begin one. a message for future leaders by one of today. they will come troops back from the war. the conflict has been long, bloody, and controversial. the commander in chief paid tribute to the courage
Dec 6, 2011 12:00am PST
week regattas with the same teams that are proposed for the 2013 america's cup events. the standings of these events don't really carry over to the 2013 event. you can characterize them as the preseason 2013 regular season and playoffs. as a rise in august of 2012 for one early in the month and another starting august 27 through september 2. that will be the first taste of the events. there will be a smaller scale, a practice run for a lot of strategies operationally, and hopefully a practice run for how we are able to promote the neighborhoods for those coming to the events and incorporate the events along the waterfront with sort of the level of excitement we are hoping to build for 2013. and to move on to 2013, in july and august, we will have the louis vutton cup challenger series. it will move to the final to take on oracle, who is the defender in the best of nine match racing series. the combination of these efforts is in september of 2013, but we are looking for the three months for excitement in things that can be used to provide visibility for these arts organizations. in 20
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